5 Tips For Building A Backyard Deck

We are used to swimming pool decks, which help drain water and bring more comfort to bathers. But have you ever thought about getting a deck in your backyard? A deck in the backyard can add value to your leisure area, making it more inviting. This space can have numerous formats and different uses. In this post, we at deck builders San Antonio tx will help you to make it cozier, with tips on how to build a deck in the yard.

What is a deck?

The deck was introduced in the architecture to surround swimming pools through wooden board platforms. However, with the evolution of materials, today we can find other options, such as modular plastic plates – which even have several advantages over wood. Today, the use of the deck at deck builders San Antonio tx has been expanded, being able to be implemented since the formation of paths in the yard, until the delimitation of areas for barbecues, tables, chairs and etc. With this idea in mind, let’s check out some tips on how to use this concept in your yard.

A deck in the backyard brings beauty, comfort, and more practicality for moments of leisure. Thinking about it, we at deck builders San Antonio tx separated 5 tips to build your deck and compose your yard! Check out:

  1. Use of the deck ⇒ Initially, designate the use of the deck in your yard, in addition to your need. Some implementation ideas are barbecues, solariums with sun loungers and loveseats, playgrounds for children, tables for socializing with family and friends, paths to connect places, among others.
  2. Choice of material ⇒ Knowing its usefulness, the ideal material is then chosen. It can be made of wood, porcelain, cement, or plastic flooring. Its executive method varies between boards, modules, and boards. Where there is the circulation of children, it is important to give preference to non-slip materials.
  3. Do it yourself! ⇒ If you are looking for easy installation – without the help of a professional – the modular plastic deck is the best option. It allows you to install your deck yourself with a simple click. This is a great option for rented houses, for example, as it allows easy disassembly and reinstallation in other locations.
  4. Mix the materials ⇒ A strategy for harmonizing space and landscaping is to mix the deck with different materials. To obtain a polished finish, ceramic can be used, and to obtain a more rustic effect, the composition with gravel or pebble is interesting, creating paths between the stones.
  5. Compose the landscaping ⇒ After obtaining your deck in the yard, to make your leisure area cozier, compose the landscaping with varieties of plants – such as palm trees and shrubs -, lots of different sizes and colors, pergola, water mirror, fountains. This will create different and inviting environments.

Unlike the wooden deck, our deck from deck builders San Antonio tx does not rot, does not crack, does not warp, and does not lose splinters – which increases its useful life. In addition to offering excellent resistance to traffic, solar effects, salt air, and humidity.