Call Girls and Female Escorts

call girls

A call girl or female escort (also known as a sex worker, chick, babe or sexy gal) is a type of professional prostitute who charges a fee for her services and generally meets clients in their homes or hotel rooms. Unlike street prostitutes, who advertise in public places or solicit customers, call girls arrange appointments via telephone. They may be self-employed or employed by a pimp or escort agency, and they can offer incall or outcall services.

AmorousHug sex workers are usually more highly educated and sophisticated than streetwalkers or brothel workers, and they can charge much higher rates. They are also typically able to offer more explicit services, including role-playing and fantasy scenes, than traditional prostitutes.


Some call girls specialize in particular fantasies or age ranges, while others take a more general approach. Some are skilled at interpreting their client’s hidden desires and can provide the exact type of sex they desire.

These high-end hookers are often hired by businessmen and politicians who want more than just quick sex. They want beauty, brains and ambition — the kind of woman who is college educated, fluent in French and trained as a classical pianist. They can even pay up to $5K per hour. That’s why these women, who are sometimes referred to as “rosebuds,” make up the majority of New York City’s hooker workforce.