How to Choose a Leather Laptop Sleeve

leather laptop sleeve

A laptop sleeve leather is an elegant way to protect your laptop from the elements, dings and scratches. The best ones are made of sturdy premium PU leather, an artificial material that can withstand the weather more than traditional leather-it will not warp or discolor when wet.

It’s important to find a laptop sleeve that fits snugly, so you don’t have to struggle to get your laptop in and out of it. If the sleeve is too loose, it can rub against your laptop’s delicate insides. This can lead to dents and scratches, which can make the laptop less functional.

How to Choose the Right Size Leather Laptop Sleeve for Your Computer

Moreover, you should be sure that the sleeve is also comfortable for your hand. If your fingers start to become tired and they get stuck in the sleeve, it can cause you to drop the laptop accidentally.

You should also consider the sleeve’s aesthetic design, so you can have a sleeve that complements your overall look and style. If you’re looking for a simple, attractive case that will keep your laptop safe, then the Harber London Slim Folio, Bellroy’s Laptop Sleeve or Horizn Studio’s Koenji Case may be a good choice for you.

If you’re looking for a rugged case that will hold up to the harshest of weather, then you’ll want to go with Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle. If you’re concerned about your laptop getting scratched from the zipper, then Harper London’s Folio will be a better choice for you.