How To Find Your Ideal Composite Deck Board Color?

What is your favorite color? Would you ever consider white as an alternative to the conventional brown and grey wood shades or if not, why not? This article has been inspired by some of these questions. We have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding decking and its installation from people looking for advice on how to choose certain products based on their own preference in terms of appearance.

But first, let me ask you this… would you buy a car that looks like it’s painted entirely in white regardless of the brand name, engine power, fuel efficiency or any other features? If your answer is no then what makes you think it would be different when it comes to choosing composite boards for your outdoor space specifically ? Well I’m glad I asked. The fact is, there’s more to choosing your favorite decking color than just the aesthetic factor.

If you’re planning to install a composite wood deck in your home or commercial space then chances are, you’ve already done an extensive research on different product options available on the market for the best price and features so it’s not about that. Instead of looking at the exterior appearance only, why not start by thinking beyond that? A good option would be to consider different colors and materials as well as construction factors before getting down to business. It will surely aid you in future maintenance costs too since you’ll know how much time and effort is required for each task based on what type of material/color was used during construction phase.

But anyway, back to the question…

There seems to be a misconception that white decks are easier to clean and maintain. We cannot deny the fact that it’s true but there are other factors you should take into consideration. White, grey and brown composite boards all require different cleaning techniques in order for you get rid of stains effectively.

If your deck is made with wood then staining can easily be done as needed since pressure washing will do just fine.