Project Management – Mistakes And Effective Work

Nowadays, it is rather difficult to find an IT company that does not use this or that software product, and possibly their combinations for managing IT projects. Let’s try to understand what difficulties you may encounter when mastering software that is quite convenient and extremely effective in everyday use.

Typical planning mistakes

Let’s try to consider the typical mistakes that companies make when using project management software in the IT field. This will be helped by the notes of Mike Newell, representing PSM Consulting, who publishes his own comments regarding users of specialized software who face problems in understanding the principles of software systems operation. The first thing that a leading expert in the field of project management pays attention to is a misunderstanding of the task performed by the program.

Trying to use project management software users thoughtlessly put down the start and end dates of work in the calendar, while the main goal of the algorithms embedded in the software package is to calculate the optimal number of hours to complete the task.

To get the correct result, which helps to clearly distribute the responsibilities of employees and meet the optimal deadlines, you need to follow simple instructions.

  • the end date of the project is calculated by the program after analyzing the available resources;
  • each resource (person, server, computer and other equipment) must be described in the program, including its estimated value;
  • the total number of working hours available to complete the project during the specified period of time should be indicated;
  • it is necessary to exclude weekends and holidays in the calendar in order to avoid a shift in implementation dates.

Exceptions are works that have a “deadline” fixed in the contract – the date of delivery of the completed project, set by the Customer. This will lead to the need to write a deadline for the delivery of work in the project management program, that is, the main goal of the software will be the optimal distribution of tasks between the available resources in order to ensure the timely fulfillment of the terms of the agreement. The most correct way to interact with the program is to analyze the capabilities of the existing “arsenal”, consisting of both computers and other equipment, and from the staff of the organization implementing the project. Check this article to find out what are Benefits of Using Self-hosted Project Management Software For Companies.