We Bring The Interior To Perfection – We Choose A Mirror With Illumination In The Bathroom

A mirror in a bathroom is not just a decorative element but also a functional item. A large number of models of this interior item are presented on the modern market. How to choose the best option and be completely satisfied with your purchase?

Why you need a lighted mirror in the bathroom

Modern Minimalist Bathroom, BathA backlit mirror will visually expand the space. Therefore, it is often chosen for small bathrooms. This piece of furniture can serve as a bright accent in the interior of the apartment. It often emphasizes the dignity of the finish.

But first of all, the mirror is used for applying makeup, creating hairstyles. If it is large enough, then you can use it to choose a wardrobe. Backlighting makes for better lighting, which will allow you to be confident in your appearance.

Bathroom mirror lamps

The humidity in the bathroom is constantly high; therefore, the arrangement of electrical appliances should be approached responsibly. Lamps should be selected depending on the particular use. They must be powerful enough, as there are often no sources of natural light.

Fluorescent lamps

In bathrooms, these lamps are installed in fixtures to avoid damage. They have a long service life. Subject to the operating conditions, fluorescent lamps will last more than 20,000 hours. The disadvantages of using such a light source include flickering, which often appears over time.

Halogen lamps

The advantages of the devices include a long service life. They belong to the energy-saving class. Halogen bulbs provide a soft, even light that is difficult to achieve with conventional incandescent fixtures.

The disadvantages of devices include their fragility. The bulb may overheat with prolonged use. The light output of the devices is up to 55 lm / W.

Neon lights

LED strips are becoming more and more popular when used in the interior. They are aesthetic, economical, and come in many different types. LEDs of various shades can be used for backlighting. Their service life is up to 50,000 hours. The disadvantages of electrical appliances include only high cost.

Popular illuminated mirrors

Illuminated bath mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When choosing a design, you should focus on the interior of the room, design style, and functionality.

Illuminated bathroom mirror with shelf – not only beautiful but also comfortable

The shelf design is one of the classic options. Such products are of low cost. At the same time, the design looks light and airy, does not clutter up space.

Various materials can be used for the shelves, including plastic, glass, metal. This design is convenient, as it allows you to keep all the necessary things, including toothbrushes, soap, etc., close at hand.

Bathroom mirror cabinet with lighting – spaciousness never hurts.

Bathroom, Home, Mirror, BathroomIn furniture stores, bathroom cabinets with a mirrored door are often found. This design is well suited for small spaces as it saves space. At the same time, cosmetics or hygiene products can be stored in the cabinet. The advantage of the design is the ability to hide unnecessary elements from prying eyes, which does not violate interior design.

Round bathroom mirror with illumination

The round shape is the classic option. Such products are suitable for decorating a room in various styles. The mirror frame can be found in different versions. Often the backlight is built into it. The frame can be framed with LED strip, including various colors. It is made from a variety of materials. The main requirement for them is that they must be moisture resistant.