Where And How Should I Renew My Home?

Suppose you have some money, but you are not sure whether to remodel the kitchen, the bedrooms or build an outdoor pool, for example. We tell you how you will have a greater return on investment:

The kitchen and the bathroom

These environments are the most valued by potential buyers or tenants.

Another aspect when renovating these environments is paying attention to space.

Today, in addition to functionality, a balance is sought between practicality and design. Think carefully about what colors, materials, textures and accessories you are going to use.

Beware of the pools!

This is a very recurring element, and it is in fact usually a big mistake. What is the big mistake? Thinking that offering a large and very beautiful pool will give a great value to the house. However, this is not always safe, so before investing in building or renovating a swimming pool I recommend that you think twice.

A good facade

Because they say that the first impression is what counts. And in real estate businesses this premise also applies. Now, a good facade does not always mean that it must be expensive. Once again, in this regard, I recommend consulting design professionals. Generally, a “clean and uncluttered” facade invites you to know what is inside the house. Neutral colors, and a nice garden, usually work very well.

Security and functionality aspects 

What do we mean? Under this item, let’s consider that whoever buys or rents does not want to have any security problems or to have to call technicians all the time.

If there are electrical, plumbing, ventilation or humidity problems in the property to be renovated, do not hesitate to make the corresponding arrangements. There I was able to know that the house had some cracks that I had not detected, that it lacked emergency exits. Also the technical evaluation showed me where I should invest if I did not want to have problems in the near future. It was money very well invested!