Active Mile Daily Track in Schools

Active Mile Daily Track

Active Mile Daily Trackis a free school-based initiative that provides a secure website for pupils to record and monitor their daily running distance, and allows teachers to upload class and school league tables. Pupils walk, jog or run around their outdoor running area on the school premises during the day and log their laps via the app or website to earn rewards for achievement.

Low physical activity, high sedentary behavior, and declining fitness levels are global problems that contribute to poor health outcomes including obesity and low educational attainment. School-based interventions such as the Daily Mile are appealing because they involve whole classes and so have the potential to reach larger numbers of children than opt-in activities such as sports clubs. However, it is important to understand whether these interventions are effective in different socioeconomic settings and how they may interact with the factors that determine an individual’s level of physical activity.

Incorporating Yoga and Stretching into Your Daily Active Mile Routine

In this qualitative study, we used semi-structured interviews with teachers to explore their experiences of implementing the Daily Mile in their schools. The interview questions were designed pragmatically, based on the key themes identified through discussions with local teaching staff, rather than using a theoretical framework.

Teachers largely supported the Daily Mile and agreed that it has positive benefits for their pupils’ health, well-being and concentration levels. Nevertheless, many were concerned about the time the Daily Mile takes out of the school day and about the impact on teacher workloads.