Guide to Material Calculation & Procedure of Installing A Wooden Fence

Supports will be installed every 2 m. For a fence 10 m long, 6 supports will be required. The logs are attached to the support pillars in 2 rows at a distance of 30-35 cm from the top and bottom. So for the frame, you will need 20 m of professional pipe or timber. Mounting brackets or brackets require a minimum of 2 screws each. The picket fence is attached at one point to the upper and lower leg. So, you still need 2 nails or self-tapping screws for each plank.

The procedure for installing a wooden fence

The old fence is removed, the site is cleared of construction debris, shrubs, tall grass.

Pegs are driven in along the line of the future fence; the string is pulled. Additionally, mark the installation points of the supporting pillars.

Holes 1.20-1.40 m deep are dug with a pit drill according to the marks, a pillow of sand and crushed stone 10 cm thick is poured on their bottom. Supports are installed exactly in the center of the pits, their verticality is checked with a plumb line or level, fixed with spacers, and the pits are filled with concrete.

After the concrete has gained strength, the logs are attached to the supports, checking their horizontal level.

Metal structural elements are coated with primer-enamel and painted.

First, mount the extreme strips check their position with a level or plumb line. To designate the upper and lower levels between the already installed pickets, they stretch the twine – from above and below.

The fence is painted with oil, acrylic, alkyd paint or treated with stain.

The pillars are closed on top with plastic plugs or special caps to prevent water and debris from getting inside.

The best place to relax in the country is a terrace. You can place a group of friends on it or quietly retire with a cup of tea. But it is safer to rest in a landscaped area. The main protective structure on the extension is a fence. Wooden railings for the terrace are one of the most practical types of construction. In addition, such a product can be made independently.

Fencing Functions

Terraces are used for different purposes in different families. Someone equips a recreation area there, someone – a corner for sports. But regardless of the purpose of the extension, it must have a wooden fence.

The main function of the fence on the terrace is the protection of space and visual zoning. Fences protect households from accidental falling off the site. In addition, they decorate the general view of the local area and give the facade a finished look.

The fence on the terrace performs the following functions:

  • visual unification of the facade of the house and outbuildings;
  • decoration of the landscape of the site;
  • when installing benches close to the fence, it performs the function of backs;

The design of the fence includes support poles, railings, and internal partition panels. Pillars can have almost any shape and section: from round to polygonal. Metal, wood, and WPC are used as materials for manufacturing offenses. Such designs are the most advantageous. Wide railings for fences are arranged on terraces with large windows or columns. Large flowerpots or hanging flower beds can be installed on such structures.

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