How to Make Motorcycle Helmet Stickers Custom

Motorcycle helmet stickers custom aren’t just for safety, they can also be a style statement. Helmet stickers are a great way to express one’s personal style, whether they be a simple decal of the wearer’s name or a fully-fledged paint job. There are many different designs available, and some even come with reflective qualities for increased visibility at night.

How to make stickers without paper?

Reflective decals are important for helmets, and are required by some countries to be applied if they are used in the dark. While they are primarily for safety, they can add to the aesthetic of a helmet, especially when combined with the other reflective elements on a bike. They are a perfect place to include the logo of a team or sponsor, and can be placed on the sides or the front of the helmet.

While there is no real limit to the design that can be added, some companies produce helmet stickers that are specifically designed for specific bikes or types of riders. These are often a good choice for people who want to keep their helmet looking new, but do not wish to pay the high cost of a custom paint job.

Before applying any paint, the helmet should be cleaned using an acetone-based cleaner or soapy water. Then it must be sanded down to remove any grease and dirt that could mar the finish. Once the surface has been sanded down it should be washed and dried completely before starting to paint. It is best to use a light coat of color and work in a well ventilated area.